How do I Keep My Wedding Guests Entertained?

wedding activities for guests

You may ask, "how do I keep my wedding guests entertained?" People do crazy things when planning their wedding, and it's quite easy to forget to keep your guests entertained. Thus, finding something or someone to keep the guests entertained as you go round talking to the visitors and taking the wedding photos is essential as it livens the party.

Wedding activities are exhaustive even though you'll have all sorts of fun and emotions. While the wedding day is meant for you, remember that the guests are a special part of this momentous day. Don't let the event excitement make you forget to entertain your guest: entertainment needs to top the list of your key priorities.

You need to make prior plans, and if you do it early enough, you may identify some simple and fun ways to keep your wedding guests entertained. Remember, you'll not keep your guest's company throughout the day. The guests will have to spend time waiting before dinner, and you and your partner will be moving between the wedding venue; thus, your guests will get bored at some point.

How do you keep party guests entertained? This list of funny and unique ways of keeping your guests entertained during your wedding party is essential. Try a few wedding songs, hat tricks, and stock of games to kill the guests' boredom any time you're not with them. You want to cherish those great moments, and your guests also want to remember the day.

1. Hire Funny Audience Entertainers

fun wedding activities
Unique things to do at a wedding reception

Magicians are great at entertaining audiences. Many people think that after the guests have sat at their tables, they're okay without fun. Yes, foods and drinks may keep them busy throughout the night, and they're great wedding activities for guests, but it will be livelier with an entertainer.

Hire a magician, fortune teller, or palm reader. A celebrity impersonator, caricature drawer, or live painters are also great for the task, or you can also hire singing waiters based on how many songs you need. Such entertainers will also make the drinks reception livelier.

2. Photo Walls and Booths

The fame of the good ancient photo booth still exists, and it's not ending soon. The wedding day coordinator can step it up with fun notches matched with personalized props to narrate your life story with your partner. Old hats, clothing items, and narrative backdrops are great opportunities for this. You can also create a photo wall where visitors can take fun photos.

Consider a live flower wall with a balloon cover. A Polaroid camera for instant printouts where guests can craft a little text and put in your guest book is also an excellent option. What about setting a video area where guests can make mini-videos? Remember to create an Instagram hashtag for this day.

3. Make it Live with Drinks.

Wines and champagne receptions accompanied by open bars of beers and G&Ts are predictable and may bore your guests. Impress them with a professional mixologist to conjure up unique cocktails. A "Pimp Your Prosecco" or drinks trolley can also liven the event. Cotton candy, edible flowers, and fresh fruits will also work great. Remember to add a carnival element by giving out drink tokens.

4. DIY Foods

Guests like modern foods, and to some, they may come as entertainment. They also create a base for them to interact. Street food stations simplify the guests' navigating dietary needs. Could you also try tacos or hot stone where guests can cook their meat?

This is one of the unique things to do at a wedding reception. Snack tables piled high with sugary and savory treats such as cheese, doughnuts, and waffles can make the day memorable.

5. Contract Stage Performers

You may be faced with this critical question: "how do I keep my wedding guests entertained?" Note that not everyone likes constant interactive activities. Some would like to sit and eat, drink, and talk passively as they enjoy performances on the stage.

Stage performers such as comedians create a nice wedding mood. What about hiring an acoustic singer to sing a romantic song? Splashing the stage with acrobatic performances to give it a personal touch is one of the most excellent wedding entertainment ideas.

6. Host a Standard Pub Quiz

wedding entertainment ideas
Wedding entertainment ideas

It's high time to test if your family and friends know you. Host a pub quiz about your life, and let the guests compete. You can add a prize and give it to the winner. Such fun wedding activities create a team spirit among your guests.

7. Kids' Entertainment

The coordinator's duties are to keep both parents and children entertained throughout the wedding party. Hire a caregiver to look after children as parents relax. Organize a treasure hunt or hire someone to do face painting. This will keep the kids occupied. You could also create a glitter bar for them while you apply hair makeup. Such entertainment might also arouse interest in adults.

8. Create a Video or Slideshow

Collect videos or images from your album and have them roll in a slideshow throughout the day. They will keep the guests entertained as they'll always have something to look at, as they enjoy every glimpse of your life together. Remember to add footage of friends and family to make them feel part of your lives.

9. Group Dances

While these take time to prepare, they're worth being part of the entertainment. Get family and friends to choreograph a dance, or you can dance with a crew to accommodate some guests as well. You can try doing Ceilidh dances, although you don't need to be Scottish to enjoy them. There are a variety of dances that you can do at a wedding either with the whole group or just with your new spouse.

So What Will you Choose to do?

Are you challenged with the question, "how do I keep my wedding guests entertained?" Planning your wedding day is crucial for you and your partner, but you must also make your guests feel part of the event. Keeping them entertained is inevitable if you need them to remember your big day. Now you have a list of things to do on your wedding day to keep your wedding guests entertained.

What is an Intimate Wedding?

What is an Intimate Wedding?

Every couple has a dream wedding in mind. Beach wedding? Church wedding? Or if the budget is tight, maybe an intimate one. If you are planning your wedding and want to maximize your experience, a small intimate wedding is perfect for you. But what is an intimate wedding, and what is considered a small wedding?

What is an Intimate Wedding?

They might not be as grand as traditional weddings, but intimate weddings can be full of both elegance and personalization. As the word “intimate” implies, an intimate wedding is one with a number of guests not more than 75. Intimate weddings involve multiple events, including the ceremony, reception, and after-party, unlike elopement weddings which generally include just the ceremony.

Intimate Weddings

Why Are Intimate Weddings Better?

Although regular weddings have lots of advantages, an intimate wedding has its own share of appeal. To some couples, a small intimate wedding is a better option. Here are some reasons why.

You want to keep a low guest count.

What is considered a small wedding? How many guests should be invited? These are some of the questions that beg for an answer when planning your wedding.

One challenge couples face when planning their wedding is trimming down the guest list. This makes private weddings not for everyone, as some couples find it hard to say no to their parents, family, or friends.

If you really want to go for an intimate wedding, make sure you and your partner trim down the list to those you personally know so it doesn’t exceed 75 guests. Another important thing to note is the likelihood that the guests will attend. Avoid over-inviting that can spoil the good an intimate wedding offers.

You have a strict budget.

Many couples opt to have private weddings because of budget constraints. Let’s uncover it – the largest portion of your budget goes to paying for the food and beverage. Realizing that each guest could mean hundreds of dollars will surely give sense to your decision of limiting the headcount. Plus, hiring a full-service coordinator is generally not necessary.

You don’t want to be stressed.

Choosing a wedding venue and hiring the perfect day-of-wedding coordinator is stressful. But because only your closest loved ones and friends are gathered for your special day, planning a small wedding won’t stress you the way traditional and grand ones do. You have more time planning the details and browsing intimate wedding reception ideas.

An intimate wedding entails little effort and time but yields great results.

Maximize Your Wedding Experience

Private Weddings

The wedding experience doesn’t end when the ceremony and reception are completed. At a small wedding, the couple is able to spend more intimate time with each of the guests. An after-party or a post-wedding gathering allows more enjoyment and moments for the group.

Intimate wedding reception ideas can be as simple as small dinner parties and weekends of fun celebration. Sometimes budgeting for an intimate wedding isn’t even necessary. Because planning an intimate wedding doesn’t take as much effort, time, and money as conventional ones, it gives you an opportunity to make the most out of planning and personalizing your big day. Personal touches include deciding on how many songs to play during the ceremony or wedding song ideas.

"Bigger is better.” “The more, the merrier.” Don’t fall for these traps. While these are true to some extent, when it comes to weddings, what matters the most is not the size of the venue or the number of guests, it is the celebration of love between two people, together with their loved ones. Now that you know what is an intimate wedding, it’s never early to start planning your own!

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

The most important component of a wedding day is the location. This is the foundation for everything else. It is where the guests will come to, it features the aisle you and your partner will walk down, and it is what your videos and photos will contain. 

However, choosing a wedding venue is not easy. There is a multitude of venues to choose from. Some are simple and plain, whereas others are lavish and large. The choice you make will depend on what you and your partner’s preferences are, but it can be tough to know what matches these. That’s why we’ve written this handy guide. It will show you what to look for in a wedding venue and how to find a wedding venue. 


    • How To Pick A Wedding Venue 


There are six key considerations to include when you are considering how to choose a wedding venue. These are finding a wedding planner, aligning the venue with your vision, understanding who is attending, knowing the overall costs, thinking about how guests will feel, examining what you’d like to feature in the wedding, and being authentic. We will go through each one in the sections below. 


  • Speaking To A Planner 



When you first find yourself asking the question ‘where should I have my wedding?’, an ideal first step is to consult with a wedding planner. They understand how weddings work and will most likely have years of experience in dealing with them. They will also know how long it will take to prepare the venue and be aware of all the details you need to take care of. 



  • A Venue And Your Vision 



When considering what to look for in a wedding venue, one of your top priorities should be whether it matches the look and feel that resonates the most with you and your partner. Some places are more suitable for contemporary weddings, whereas others are better for traditional weddings. You might want a clean and minimalist experience or one that’s filled with the sights and sounds of nature. A good way to approach this is to conduct a wedding venue search. You can do this using search engines, chatting to people you know, or driving around some towns that you like. If you type in the phrases ‘location for wedding’ and ‘venue for wedding’ into the search bar on a website like Google, and add the area you’d like to focus on, you will find a whole list of results to look through. 


      • Understand Who Is Coming


One of the most obvious elements that you should be aware of well in advance of your wedding day is the number of people attending. Once you have this figure, you can check whether your shortlist of venues will be able to contain that many people before you take a tour of them. The last thing you want is to start receiving accepted invitations only to discover the venue can’t accommodate them all. Don’t forget to check that relatives haven’t added too many guests to the invitations either. Also, many of the costs of a wedding are related to the number of people attending. This underlines how important it is to have a clear grasp of how many people will be coming as soon as you can. 


      • Know How Much Money You Have


There are numerous expenses to account for when it comes to planning and hosting a wedding. It is far from just the venue that you’ll need to pay for. Food is often charged per plate, and the same is the case for wine bottles. Decorations at the venue will also come out of your budget, and so will the costs of having your wedding recorded on film. Not only should you know the maximum amount you can spend, but the total costs of everything you expect to pay for. This avoids any unpleasant surprises happening in the days leading up to your wedding. Once you’ve made all your calculations, you might have to redo your plans so that they come in under budget, but it’s better to understand this sooner rather than later. A wedding planner can help in this area because of their previous experience with local venues. 


      • Think Of Your Guests


If some of your guests are traveling a long distance to get to your wedding, then you’ll want to make sure there is a place they can stay. Look for local hotels or motels that are within easy driving distance of your wedding venue. Additionally, don’t try to pack in the maximum number of guests a venue can accommodate. This will reduce the amount of personal space available for each person, and could make your guests uncomfortable. It could also increase the risk of accidents and make it difficult to evacuate the location in the event of an emergency. 


      • Consider The Services 


Some wedding venues will give you everything as part of their overall fee. That will include decorations, the ceremony, and the catering. Others will specify that you need to select vendors to provide the services that you want. Furnished venues also tend to cost more than those where you supply your own. One of the things you can do is to check with local suppliers to see what their rates are and compare them to the rates of your venue. This is a handy way to work out the best value for money. If your venue does provide their own services, these may only be a basic version of what you can find elsewhere, so that’s worth keeping in mind. The total costs of all the services you want to hire may also be affected by taxes in the state that you’re hosting your wedding. Therefore you should check these before you start making purchases.



  • Be Genuine 



It is quite common to pick a wedding venue based on reviews and pictures available online, but this means you miss out on experiencing it for yourself. This is a crucial step, because your wedding should be as authentic as possible, and represent your views and values. Therefore, try to visit your shortlist of venues where possible. This will help you ensure the venue you choose is suitable.

How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony – Songs for Wedding

How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony

Are you getting married anytime soon? If you are, you may be wondering about the songs to be played in your wedding. Besides choosing the ideal songs for wedding, you might also be wondering about how many songs are played at a wedding ceremony. To know more about this, read on.

How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony

We will discuss everything related to the songs needed for the wedding and when those songs are played. There are different times when the songs are played and there is no hard and fast rule about the songs needed for a wedding. It all depends on different situations.

Number of Songs to be Played

How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony
How Many Songs Are Played at a Wedding Ceremony

You have to keep in mind that the songs will start to play 15 to 30 minutes before each and every ceremony starts. This background music is given to set the mood of the day and when the guests are entering. But the number of songs, and the song order, to be played depends on:

  1. Number of Ceremonies: Some of the ceremonies come with beautiful small rituals. There can be a song ideal for all these small rituals. You can play a song for each of these ceremonies. But if the ritual is longer than the song, then the musician will repeat the song if there is no second option available.
  2. Processional: When the bridesmaids are walking, you need to play a beautiful background song. Make sure that the song is lengthy enough to cover the entire processional ceremony.
  3. Song for Groom and Groomsmen: Generally, the groom and groomsmen already stand at the altar. But there are some exceptional cases too. If your groom and the groomsmen are walking down to the altar, you can play a song at this point of time to match the vibe and energy.

Final Word

Songs are meant to describe the emotions and feelings. When the bride is walking down the aisle or when the couple is exchanging vows or having their first dance, thousands of emotions go through them. The songs must be able to express those emotions and feelings in words. This can set the right mood and feel for the ceremony. So, there are no such limitations to how many songs are played at a wedding ceremony. You can use as many as songs you like for the ceremonies but make sure they are going perfectly with the moment.

Full Service Wedding Coordinator Duties

Full Service Wedding Coordinator Duties

What are full service wedding coordinator duties? Does a coordinator take all the responsibilities of a wedding? A full-service wedding coordinator takes the leadership to manage the event smoothly. A full service wedding coordinator will contact vendors and will assist the wedding throughout. A coordinator mediates between the couple and other participants. You can expect the best financial advice related to your wedding expenses. 

Full Service Wedding Coordinator Duties

Just like a day-of- wedding coordinator, a full service wedding coordinator will handle everything on the day of the wedding, plus a little more. A wedding coordinator is experienced to accomplish all wedding jobs flawlessly. Once you hire a coordinator, you do not need to be worried about a lot of things including vendors. A coordinator will contact vendors and will finalize them with your advice. Here are the key duties of a wedding coordinator. 

Hires Vendors 

For a wedding party, you need to hire different types of vendors to create a

Full Service Wedding Coordinator Duties
Full Service Wedding Coordinator Duties

perfect wedding environment. The coordinator will discuss with the couple and their parents to finalize the vendors.  You can get help in renting caters, equipment, florist, dress designers, cake, band or DJ, and other things related to your wedding. Coordinators are highly experienced. Also, their networking is good and they can help you to get the best price. 

Facilitates Communication

Professional wedding coordinator say wedding coordinators act as a medium of communications. They can communicate with vendors, your parents, and any other one depending on your wedding requirement. In most cases, they can arrange everything smoothly even without your involvement. With a wedding coordinator, you can enjoy your wedding most without bothering much about other arrangements. You can only take care of your look and mental well being to make your wedding ceremony a great or memorable event for all. 

Arranges the Wedding Party 

A wedding coordinator will take care of your wedding party. The coordinator will instruct everyone including bridesmaids, ring bearers, groomsmen, flower girls, parents, and others how to arrange the ceremony and how to make the reception entertaining. A wedding coordinator works with the music band to

Full Service Wedding Coordinator Duties
Full Service Wedding Coordinator Duties

ensure that all the attendants will receive a warm welcome and the wedding music is want is wanted by the lovely couple. Also, a coordinator instructs the bridesmaids and groomsmen how to present the stage. The coordinator always remains prepared to offer any required help.  The coordinator enjoys some freedom and can contact all the vendors and others on behalf of the couple’s parents. The sole responsibility of a wedding coordinator is to make the event successful. 

Assists Everyone 

The wedding coordinator will be available throughout the wedding event to assist the couple whenever they need any help. The coordinator is expected to be armed with mints, makeup, tissues, perfume, hairspray, and anything that they might need before entering the reception. The coordinator makes the couple comfortable. Also, the coordinator takes care of the guests. 

The Conclusion 

The benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator are great. From the above, you might have an idea on full service wedding coordinator duties. However, you will have to hire a reputed and experienced wedding coordinator to get the best-required help. An experienced coordinator might charge extra. However, they can save you money on vendors. Also, they are best to arrange a memorable event that is going to be discussed for years.

Wedding Song Ideas

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and stressful. There’s often a near-endless to-do list and there never seems to be enough time. However, putting together a wedding playlist is probably one of the most fun items on your wedding to-do list. Whether you opt for a self-selected shuffle or hire a professional DJ, it’s important to pick the right music for every key moment. A few wedding song ideas should make your work a lot easier.

Wedding Song Ideas

Wedding Song Ideas

When it comes to the music you need for a wedding, you’ll want music for the ceremony, getting ready, first dances, and more. This post is a compilation of great tracks you should consider for your wedding. It covers a wide range of songs from different genres and with different beats and tempos. From indie songs to pop songs, here are some songs for your wedding.

Train – Marry Me

As the title implies, this song is about marriage and acting on your love for your partner. It’s an amazing tune that’s one of today’s favorite first dance songs. This song is just perfect for a wedding reception but can also work for a processional because the tempo isn’t too fast. 

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

If you’re looking for a first dance song that’s both romantic and sexy, then you’ll never go wrong with this one.

Love Actually – Glasgow Love Theme

Add a personal touch to your wedding playlist by incorporating instrumental music from your favorite film. There are plenty of options to choose from and Love Actually is a great song to walk down the aisle to.

The Piano Guys – A Thousand Years

This track offers the best of both worlds – a blend between a modern love song with vocals and a classic instrumental. It’s an instrumental cover of Christina Perri’s song, focusing mainly on the cello and piano. This is a great track for the processional.

Wagner – Bridal Chorus

And who said you can’t go traditional? This track has stood the test of time as one of the most popular professional wedding songs. However, there’s no harm in going for a slightly more modern arrangement by Vicente Avella.

John Legend – All of MeWedding Song Ideas

This song tells a story of love that’s just ideal for a wedding. The song was released in 2013 but it’s still a wedding favorite to this day. This one will not disappoint as a first dance song. This can also be a song to walk down the aisle.

Heavy D & The Boyz – Now That We Found Love

Are you looking for something truly different? Then this track should be a great one to get people on the dance floor and all hyped up. Get ready to put on your dancing shoes and show off your moves.

Handel – Arrival of The Queen of Sheba

This classic piece is perfect for traditional couples. It’s undoubtedly joyful and has a high tempo that works perfectly for a recessional.

Bottom Line

These wedding song ideas mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s really no “one-size-fits-all” playlist out there but you can get a general idea of how many songs you need in your wedding playlist. The trick is to choose songs that your audience will resonate with. IF you are unsure, you can always talk with your wedding DJ to discuss services and music ideas. Try to mix things up so you have a little bit of something for the different age groups and categories of people in attendance.

What is a Day of Wedding Coordinator?

What is a day of wedding coordinator? If your wedding day is around the corner, this is a question you may be asking. Do you have your answer yet? We have it here. A lot of things happen during the wedding day. It is overwhelming to do everything on your big day. Leaving it all to someone else could afford you some time to enjoy the day.

what is a day of wedding coordinator

What is a Day of Wedding Coordinator?

This post will be telling you about a day of wedding coordinator. You will know why you need one. Besides, you will also know their scope of duties. Read on to learn more and make your happy day a success. 

What Happens During the Day of the Wedding?

As the name suggests, a lot of the activities happen during or around the wedding day. However, planning for it may start a few weeks to the wedding date. It all starts with getting the preferences of the bride and groom. They share what they would like during their wedding day. From there, a team gets to work to make sure everything falls into place. The D-day coordinator is also selected in a good time. 

How Much Will it Cost You to Get the Day of Wedding Coordinator?            

The cost will vary depending on what you want during the day. Some of the factors include the region you are hosting the wedding, if both the ceremony and reception will be in the same venue, how long you will need the coordination, and if you have unique inclusions. Get quotes from different coordinators for a rough idea of how much it will cost. 

The Benefits of a Day of Wedding Coordinator

A lot happens before and during the wedding ceremony date. If you are doing everything by yourself, you will be overwhelmed. You could be so tired that smiling for the camera will be a difficult thing to do. Step off the pedal and let someone else be in charge. All you have to do is check if everything is done according to your preferences and expectations. You can sleep soundly, knowing that you will not be aroused from sleep in the middle of the night. 

Another merit for hiring a coordinator is that you will be relaxed and concentrate on being wonderful hosts. You will not be worried about solving any last minute issues that may happen. You can smile more and enjoy your day to the fullest.

The Scope of a Day of a Wedding Coordinator 

  • Have emergency delivery in case the groom forgets his tuxedo
  • Deal with gatecrashers so that they do not interrupt with the ceremony
  • Ensuring that the lighting at the reception is ambient
  • Making sure every guest is comfortable
  • Ensuring that every small detail is observed
  • Nothing goes out of plan with a coordinator

Bottom Line 

Have you been wondering about what is a day of wedding coordinator? Now you know. Get help for your big day and consider hiring a wedding coordinator. It does not cost much, and you will have peace of mind to make the most out of your happy moments. 

Wedding Reception Song Order

Songs are part of every wedding. They keep everyone alert and tell you when it is a transition from one section to the next. In most cases, the couples would choose the kind of songs they want. If you are not conversant with the songs, you can have a wedding planner do the heavy lifting for you. One of the things you should get right is the wedding reception song order. 

Wedding Reception Song Order

If you are trying to get a perfect order for your wedding songs, then your timing is right. This post will tell you when and which song should be playing. It will also help you choose songs that are in sync with your wedding theme. 


Guests arriving at the reception venue


Some guests will arrive at the venue ahead of time. You should have something to keep them entertained. You can as well wait until the most Wedding Reception Song Order important guests make their entry. Choose a song that will start your wedding on a high note. 


Reception party introduction


It is not a must to have this in the schedule. If you decide to include it, you should line up those making entry in good order. Follow the standard order where the parents from both sides make an entry, and the groom and bride are the last to come in. 


Bride and bridegroom introduction


When the bride and groom make an entry, it is a perfect time to introduce them to the guests. Make sure the master of ceremony knows how you would like to be introduced. The order of names is particularly important. 


Meal time


It is time to eat, and both the bride and groom are first in line. Make sure you do not keep the guests waiting for you to get served. They are hungry, and a bite will make them joyful. Consider having background music play while Wedding Reception Song Order guests eat their food. 


Cutting cake


Cake cutting is a big part of the wedding. It is a symbol of sharing and caring. You just got into marriage, and you will want to show tenderness and affection to each other. Make sure forks are ready as they will make the moment photogenic. 


Married couple first dance

It is now time for the bride and groom to hit the dance floor for the first time as married couples. You should choose a song that you can dance to. If possible, do some practice before the wedding ceremony.


 Father and daughter, groom and mother dance


Here is another round of dancing. The bride takes her father’s hand to dance in celebration. The groom dances with his mother. You can pick one song for both dances or separate ones. 


Garter and bouquet tossing


The bride will take the bouquet and toss it to the direction of single women. The woman who catches it is going to be up next in line of marriage. Get songs to go well with this activity. 


Everyone dancing and having fun


Wedding music is important. It is time for everyone to get up and shake a leg. Have songs in place to bring everyone to their feet. 


You now have your wedding reception song order sorted. Choose the song and let your guests enjoy every bit of the ceremony. 

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

What are the benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator and why should you consider one? Many people will assure you that there’s a lot more time and effort that goes into wedding planning than expected, and that it’s better to hire a wedding coordinator if you want everything to be perfect in the big day. This should surprise no one: the benefits of having a day of wedding coordinator range from taking off the burden of planning the monthly or day of coordinator duties from your shoulders, to making your wedding an actual celebration to remember with clever ideas, so the reasons to hire a day of coordinator truly outweigh the disadvantages (if such things exist.).

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

If you need more convincing, we recommend you to check our list of benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator and skim through the day of coordinator duties that will surely make you reconsider. As we said, the reasons to hire a day of coordinator are far more numerous than what you think.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

What’s Exactly a Wedding Coordinator?


Wedding coordinators are your second-in-command in the wedding planning. Basically, you tell them what you want for your wedding day and they will take the lead from there.


Wedding coordinators work months or weeks prior to the ceremony in order to put things together. They’ll take over what you’ve managed to do until now and make sure everything’s in order while you relish in your big day.


What Are Some Day of Coordinator Duties?


The day of coordinator duties vary, at least according to the level of coordination you hire. It’s up to you how much involvement you want them to have in the planning, coordination and execution.Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

  • Day-Of Coordination: As the name implies, coordinators work only during the big day, according to the planning that the couple has already done on their own.
  • Month-of Coordination: The couple does most of the planning, but their wedding coordinator finishes everything with the vendors, wedding music, and all above. 


What are the benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator?


Finally, here are the main reasons to hire a day of coordinator:

  1. Professional wedding coordinators say an average wedding takes 200+ to plan. However, you can save time if you hire a wedding coordinator that serves as a middleman between you and your desired services.
  2. A good wedding coordinator saves you money because they help you find quality, yet cost-effective services.
  3. Precisely because wedding coordinators spend most of their time socializing with vendors, vendors love to speak with them, and can even reach nice deals with them.
  4. A good wedding planner gives excellent advice. They will respect your ideas, of course, but they know the ins and outs of the industry, so if you listen to them, they can improve your original plan.
  5. Weddings are stressful, especially when the couple’s families bicker with each other during the planning. A good coordinator saves relationships by acting as their middleman.
  6. Your wedding coordinator will assemble your dreams and make them come true. Remember they’re the experts in this industry, so it’s safe to entrust your ideas to them.
  7. All coordinators will always act on your behalf during your wedding, becoming the contact point for all vendors and guests during the big day while you prepare and relax.
  8. The best thing about wedding coordinators is that, if something unplanned happens, they can “put out the fires” so that guests don’t notice. Every flaw or unpleasant surprise will be thoroughly patched.


Finally, some last considerations.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

Understandably so, planners and coordinators get mixed all the time because of their similarities. However, planners can help you from the beginning and do the thinking in your stead, whereas coordinators take your ideas and make them come true, usually shortly before the wedding day. 


Do you really need a wedding coordinator?

Short answer? Definitely. They’ll take the reins of the greatest hassles on your special day, and it’s better to relax shortly before the ceremony, or else, you won’t enjoy it at all.


To summarize, the major reasons to hire a day of coordinator (and the benefits of having a day of wedding coordinator for that matter) can be summed up this way: they’ll let you fully enjoy the ceremony, all the while the planning goes according to your expectations. The day of coordinator duties basically revolve on taking over the planning you’ve done already and make your dreams come true. This is why we sincerely recommend you to consider a coordinator for your wedding: the benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator are way too good to say no.

How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Ceremony

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be difficult to figure out the number of songs needed for the ceremony. So, how many songs do you need for a wedding ceremony? While there’s no exact number of songs for any wedding, you can get an estimate of the songs you need to play based on the parts of the ceremony.

How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Ceremony

This guide details all the different portions of most wedding ceremonies where there could be music. The post covers most variations of different weddings to estimate the number of songs that would be played at most weddings. This way you have your wedding songs figured out. 

Seating of the parents

For some ceremonies, the wedding couple will select music for seating of the parents. In some cases, the parents will walk in with the regular processional music. Pretty much anything quite will work for this part of the ceremony.

A song for the processional

This is almost always for the bridesmaids walking down the aisle  but sometimes the groom and the groomsmen will walk to the processional as well. However, this is not the bride’s song.How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Ceremony

Groom and groomsmen

In some weddings, the groom and groomsmen are already at the altar. While they sometimes walk to the processional, they can choose to have their own separate entrance song. There’s no right or wrong way, it really comes down to personal preference. If you have an extremely large wedding party, it’s possible to have two songs for one long processional.

Flower girl

As far as the music is concerned, is the flower girl walking with the bride or bridesmaids? Some people opt to pick a separate song for the flower girls.

Bride song

The bride needs to walk down the aisle with one song. This can be a funny song, traditional, indie. or heartfelt; this one is totally up to you to decide. 

Ceremony beginsHow Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Ceremony

Typically, you shouldn’t have any music while the officiant is talking but some people prefer some light background music if the officiant is mixed.

Readings, vow, rings

If you are exchanging vows, you may want some nice instrumental music in the background. You may opt to have different songs for these, or not.

Prayer (if applicable)

If your wedding is going to have a prayer, you might want to have a song for this. Sand ceremony, unity candle, hand binding. You may choose either to have a song for this portion of the wedding or not.


If you’re going to be doing communion, consider having a song or more depending on the length.


This refers to the period when the couple is walking down the aisle when the ceremony is over so you might want to have a song for this as well.


This is the exit music. For this, you may opt for some background music.

Bottom line

The wedding ceremony song order is important to remember. So, how many songs do you need for the wedding ceremony? The simple answer is that it depends on the parts of the ceremony. With the tips mentioned, you should have a rough estimate of the number of songs needed. It also helps to hire a competent DJ or band that will always pick something nice to fill any gaps.