How to Market on FB

Marketing on Facebook takes time and dedication. Facebook has grown to become a vital part of any social media marketing strategy. It has a significant user base and can reach a majority of your target audiences. Business accounts especially make use of unique tools that can help businesses grow their brand and make sales, expand their reach and provide quick customer service. Here are a few tips on how to market on Fb.

How to Market on FB

Use Facebook’s Business ToolsHow to Market on FB

While your personal page is a great place to promote your business and show your lifestyle and personality; your business page needs to be solely about your trade and your business. Marketing your business on Facebook works best when you use both pages to maximize the strengths of each page.

Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is rather complicated, but Facebook’s tools make it simpler while still providing great tools. Facebook’s audience targeting features, for example, can help to pinpoint your best leads by more than just demographics and geography. You can customize your campaign based on behaviors and interests that run parallel to your campaign.

Shop Function

Marketing your products and or services online requires you to allow customers to make easy purchases. For instance, Facebook allows you to set up an online store that makes it easier to further engage with prospects. You can also set up the same shop on Instagram, allowing you to get your products on both platforms with ease.

Scheduling Tools

Facebook has a built-in scheduling tool that makes your day to day work easier. The most successful pages, for example, tend to use a mix of spur of the moment posts and pre-scheduled posts. Use the scheduler for some of your regular posts such as photos of products, your upcoming schedule and planned releases, etc.

ReviewsHow to Market on FB

Customers want to know what your previous and existing clients have to say about your product. Facebook’s company review feature can help you to get the social proof you need to convert visitors into buyers without having to add any additional software to your website. Google algorithms also make use of Facebook reviews, which can improve your ranking.


Facebook provides all the data you need to measure the impact of your campaign. For instance, you can track how many page views you’ve received, track your number of likes and followers and the engagement on each post. You can also find the data for any campaigns you’re running and with time, you’ll be able to decipher what all the data means for your marketing strategy.

Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Video is fast becoming the preferred means of media consumption. As content shifts more towards video, Facebook has focused on making their platform more mobile-friendly. If you haven’t yet thought of a video strategy, now is the time. For a jewelry business, you can share a video on how to size down a ring, or how to care for sterling silver.

Bottom Line

Facebook makes it very easy to market your business. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to know how to market on FB.  Be social, be yourself and leverage the tools provided to generate the type of content your followers want to see.

How to Photograph Jewelry on White Background

A white background is important when it comes with photographing jewelry. The white background is the most versatile and timeless background that can help to accentuate the look and appearance of the jewelry. Having white in the background helps as this color doesn’t interfere with the colors of your jewelry. Also, it provides zero distraction. Thus, it is essential to use a white background to give the jewelry a consistent and clean look on any website. If you are wondering about how to photograph jewelry on white background, here are some tips for you:

How to Photograph Jewelry on White Background

When photographing jewelry, specifically silver, choosing the right white background for photographing can be quite challenging. It can be quite tough to find a bright white background in the desired texture, but it is always better to buy the purest white available. This will also save your time in the future as you do not have to put extra effort or editing the photos in the long run. 

Choosing the Right Size How to Photograph Jewelry on White Background

You need to choose the right size for the background. It is very important to consider the scale of the jewelry and at which the photo will be taken. If you are photographing at a very close range, then there is no need to buy a large background. However, you need to consider the angle of photography too in order to know the right size of the background essential for the jewelry photography.

Use the Right Lens

When you are photographing jewelry on the white wallpaper, you have to consider the right lens for it. The best lens for jewelry photography is a high quality macro lens or a zoom lens that can be attached to your DSLR for a beautiful and focused photo. Generally, a 16-35 mm zoom lens can be quite helpful for you. 

Use the Tripod

In order to ensure that the photo is not getting blurred, you have to keep your camera steady. A steady picture can help you to capture every minute detail on your jewelry. Using a tripod can help you get betting images of jewelry, such as various ring sizes. Thus, having a tripod is very important when you are photographing the jewelry on a white background.

Spacing is ImportantHow to Photograph Jewelry on White Background

You need to carefully set up the equipment and jewelry before you start shooting. You need to leave the right amount of gap from the background to the jewelry and from jewelry to the camera. For better convenience, you can use the tape on the floor to mark the areas. This will help you to set up the background, object and camera easily on the next shot.

In Conclusion

Once you are done soldering silver into jewelry, you’re going to want to take photos to show off your latest pieces. So, this is how to photograph jewelry on white background. You will find it quite easier to photograph jewelry on the white background and edit it later. It creates least distraction and the white background also helps to make the jewelry more prominent. You can write down all the camera setup and light settings in a paper which can help you in future too.

Can You Solder Sterling Silver – a Step-by-step Guide

Do you want to solder your sterling silver jewelry? Soldering the sterling silver is one of the main skills that all the jewelers must master. But if you want to start this at home, then it can a little bit frightening. But you do not have to worry about this. If you are worried about whether or not can you solder sterling silver, then we are here with step by step tutorial about the soldering supplies and methods.

Can You Solder Sterling Silver

Can You Solder Sterling Silver

Whether you are looking to create jewelry from scratch, or looking to modify a ring, here we will cover how to solder sterling silver. Below are the four steps to take in order to solder silver properly.

Step #1: Prepare the Work Area

You have to be very much conscious about the safety when you are soldering the sterling silver in your house. Soldering involves molten metal and open flames. So, you need to prepare for the safety first. You have to make sure that you are using a sturdy table. You must cover the surface of the table with aluminum or a thick block of wood. This is important so that you do not scorch the table. Secure the wood or aluminum so that it doesn’t shift when you are working on it. Also, make sure that there is proper ventilation in the area where you are soldering.

Step #2: Gather all the Supplies

You have to make sure that you have all the essential supplies that are needed for the process of soldering. You need safety apron and glasses to protect your eyes from the heat and flame. The apron will protect your clothes in case you drop the hot metal on it. Avoid any kind of bulky or loose clothing, when you are working. You also need soldering tweezers, a surface, copper tongs, cooling surface, sandpaper, solder, sterling silver materials and a flux and brush.

Step #3: Learn how to Solder

In order to solder like a professional, it is important to learn it practically, rather than learning theoretically. There are many sources available online that will tell and show you about you can do the soldering of the sterling silver at home. You can also check some of the videos or books available with the thorough illustrations. With the help of these tutorials, you will be able to learn about soldering.

Step #4: Practice it

Before you start doing it professionally, it is important for you to practice while watching the tutorial or after watching it. This will help you to master the art of soldering sterling jewelry. You have to be a little more patient. It may take some time to master but with your dedication and hard work, you can definitely get it done.

Final Word

You can have great fun if you start preparing the sterling silver jewelry at home. You can experiment several things and enjoy great skills in developing some of the best designs. So, if you were worried about can you solder sterling silver, then now you know that you can and how. All you need is some of the essential requirements. Hope you have got all the details about the tools, supplies and essential requirements that are needed to solder sterling silver at home. But make sure to be very careful while performing this.

How to Care For Sterling Silver Rings

Are you tired of your silver jewelry turning tarnish? Then you are in the right place. You need to know some of the essential facts about how to care for sterling silver rings from tarnishing. Also, you will get to know about some amazing ways to keep your sterling silver jewelry clean and polished. Taking care of your sterling silver rings is not a hard task as some of the supplies are readily available.

How to Care For Sterling Silver Rings

Why silver turns tarnish?

Silver can react to sulfur. Sulfur is an element which is present almost everywhere. It is one of the common ingredients in beauty products, foods, pollution, gasoline and fertilizers. There is a long list of products that contains sulfur in it. Even places like beaches, areas near lake or even in urban areas, you will find a higher quantity of sulfur in the air. This element can turn the silver tarnish.

But fortunately, you can polish or clean the silver to slow down process of tarnishing. Before you start the process of cleaning or polishing, be very careful with the jewelries that contain pearls, glass or stones. Some of the metal cleaners can damage them. So, it is always better to do some additional How to Care For Sterling Silver Ringsresearches before you go ahead and clean them with the metal cleaners.

Ways to Clean and Polish

  1. Polishing with pads or cloths: You can simply polish or clean the tarnished silver with the help of piece of cloth. You can see that some of the black residues are coming off onto the cloth. It will continue to work even when it appears to be dirty. This type of cleaning is perfect for the items that have smooth surfaces. It is always better to use this method on items that contain stones or pearls as they are quite delicate in nature.
  2. Dips & spray: The silver rings that have more details and textures can be cleaned with the help of a spray or a dip. You can either soak or spray the ring for 1 to 2 minutes and then rinse it or wipe it off with a soft cloth.
  3. Protecting it with packaging materials: It is important to protect the silver ring with the help of the right packaging materials. You can use anti-tarnish packaging materials to store the silver rings in it. But these packaging materials come with a shelf-life. So, you have to remember the date and switch them before the date expires.


So, if you are wondering about how to care for sterling silver rings or how to protect them, you have already got the answers. But make sure to check the instructions and ingredients before you buy a spray or a cleaner. Not every spray or cleaner available in the market is good quality one. You can use a polishing spray for polishing your sterling silver rings. If you are looking for a great cleaner, then you can choose a dip cleaner which can help you to clean the rings made up of sterling silver. These cleaners and polishers are quite good and can keep your rings safe and undamaged.

How to Size a Ring Down

So, you want to know how to size a ring down. With ring stretches, it is possible to finish this job quickly. However, you will not find many jewelry making tools to assist your process.  Therefore, you should know what exactly you need to reduce the size of a ring without causing any damage. There are two different ways for sizing a ring down. Many things will depend on the type of ring. Some reducing techniques might help to compress a uniform band to make it small. But when the design is complex, this process will not help you much. With different settings, patterns, and engravings, you will have to cut and solder your ring. So, decide the right step depending on the type of the ring.

How to Size a Ring Down

Ways to Size a Ring Down

When it is a plain band, you can use a ring reducer. It can help you in a great manner to reduce the size. The ring reducer is a large and heavy device. If you want to buy this device, you will have to find out a dedicated space to accompany it in your jewelry studio.  It will work both as a ring stretcher and ring reducer. One tool will serve both the purposes. It is really best if you are working with finger ring bands.

What is a Ring Stretcher?

As stated earlier, a ring stretcher is a device that can help you to stretch and reduce the size of your ring.  You need to take care of the size bands before using this device.  This technique can help to reduce the size of a ring to one full size.

Cutting & Soldering

If you want to size a ring down that has a complex design and setting such as embellishment, then you should not consider using the ring reducer. It will not be effective for complex designs. In that condition, you will have to choose a proven method that includes cutting and soldering.  You will need extra caution if the ring has stones.

Check the ring to know whether the stone is able to withstand the heat or not. If it is able to withstand the heat, then leave it as it is. If not, then you need to remove the stone before sizing it. You might be thinking that it is not possible How to Size a Ring Downto set the stone again after resizing the ring.  That will mostly depend on the setting.

Some ring settings like paved and gypsy setting cannot be sized down and up as these are designed in such a way that you cannot distort them in any manner. But when it has the flush setting, you will not be able to reset the stones after reshaping the ring.


Now you know how to size a ring down. While reducing the size of a ring, you will have to remove a metal piece from the ring and bring two ends together, solder it, and finally reshape it. A ring will not have the original shape after reshaping. You cannot reshape all types of rings.