Wedding Photography Checklist for Photographers

Shooting a wedding can be a bit overwhelming. You need to get everything just right because weddings only happen once and your photos will be a reminder of the couple’s special day. While it takes some experience to become an expert, having a photography checklist can work wonders. Here’s a wedding photography checklist for photographers looking to get the best shots.

Wedding Photography Checklist for Photographers

This article outlines different lists and tips of shots that wedding photographers should include in their checklist.

The Pre-Ceremony Shots

These are likely to the easiest to shoot. Take this time to grab a few bridal party photos and detailed shots. Consider having a second shooter so you can split between taking shots of the girls and the guys. Some of the shots to take include:

  • Bride’s Shoes
  • Rings
  • Candid Shots of Everyone and Everything
  • Groom and Father (If applicable)
  • Groom’s Cake
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Programs
  • Groomsmen Plus Groom Group Shots
  • Bridesmaids Plus Bride Group Shots
  • Grooms Shoes
  • Bride’s Jewelry
  • Any Sentimental Items
  • Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Ties
  • Bridesmaids’ Dresses
Wedding Photography Checklist for Photographers
Photo by: Awesomesauce Photography

The Ceremony Shots

You’ll need to communicate with your client before the actual wedding dates because you need to know what’s happening and when it’s happening. You don’t want to risk missing some shots at the wedding venue because you weren’t told about it. Nonetheless, you need to be prepared for anything. Here are a few shots to consider:

  • Best man, groom and minister walking to the venue.
  • Bridal party walking to the aisle (most often they’ll stop for a second to allow for a shot).
  • Bride and father before walking out.
  • Bride and father walking down the aisle.
  • The groom’s reaction.
  • The bride’s father giving her away (you’ll also want to capture the grooms face too).
  • Specific shots as mentioned by your client..
  • Speakers during the ceremony.
  • Exiting the venue.
  • The kiss. You cannot afford to miss this one.

Post Ceremony Shots

For these, consider starting with the largest group/family then work your way to immediate family. Ministers will often have somewhere else to be so you might want to start with them. here are some shots to consider:

  • Wedding couple plus ministers.
  • Wedding couple alone.
  • Full bridal party.
  • Wedding couple plus bride’s parents and siblings.
  • Wedding couple plus bride’s grandparents, parents and siblings.
  • Wedding couple plus bride’s entire family.
  • Wedding couple plus groom’s parents and siblings.
  • Wedding couple plus groom’s grandparents, parents and siblings.
  • Wedding couple plus groom’s entire family.

Reception Shots

For the reception, you can breathe a little. Work with the DJ as they can be quite helpful at this stage. Some of the shots to take include:

  • The bridal party entering the venue.
  • Bridal parties dance.
  • Bride and groom’s first dance.
  • Groom and mom’s first dance.
  • Bride and dad’s first dance.
  • Garter toss.
  • Cake cutting.
  • Toast with the bridal party.
  • Bouquet toss.
  • Bride with whoever caught the Bouquet.
  • Groom with whoever caught the garter.
  • Candid photos of people eating, talking, dancing, etc.
  • The exit.

Bottom Line

This wedding photography checklist for photographers can act as a simple template. Of course, different situations and cultures will call for different shots. Make sure you talk to your clients before and come up with an exact list of what they want.


Wedding Ceremony Song Order – Keep Your Guests Entertained

It is every bride’s dream to have a perfect wedding, and part of making the experience ideal is having the ideal music to accompany her down the aisle just before she transits into her new life. Whether the ceremony is formal, informal, or religious, the wedding ceremony song order will create a poignancy and atmosphere to both the service and the vows. In an ideally planned ceremony, the music seamlessly flows through from start to end in perfect harmony, maintaining well preserved religious and family traditions, while also giving the event a deeper meaning to the ceremony.

The secret to bringing out this magic is in understanding the timing. Every phase of the ceremony is unique and has a distinct musical accompaniment. The music will help divide the entire ceremony into individual segments similar to the chapters in a book. Usually, the ceremony will be five independent categories. These unique five segments are as follows:

Wedding Ceremony Song Order

Prelude Music (30 minutes)

Prelude music starts when all the guests gather. If you have any specific requests for songs to play, be sure to tell the DJ beforehand so you know the songs will be ready.

Seating of the Families (optional)Wedding Ceremony Song Order

Usually, the couple chooses whether to include grandparents, both parents and sometimes they may also wish to include uncles and or aunts also.

Processional: Groom, officiant & Groomsmen (optional)

Traditionally, officiants and the groomsmen enter from the side minutes before the ceremony begins. Sometimes the bride may enter first, mainly if it is outdoor ceremonies where typical subtle entrances are not possible or somewhat difficult.

Processional: Bridesmaids, Groomsmen(optional)

If preferred, the groomsmen can escort the bridesmaids down the aisle. This happens typically just before the flower girl, ring bearer, and bride enter.

Processional: Ring Bearer & Flower girl (optional)

The ring bearers and the flower girls usually either walk as a pair or can walk separately. You can generally choose to go with a new song at this point or pick a song from the selection for the whole entrance of the wedding party.

Bridal Processional

When it comes to the bride’s entrance, she can usually be escorted either by her parents, father, a close relative, a close friend, or even children. Sometimes, the bride can also decide to walk down the aisle unaccompanied.

Special Music (optional)

You can choose to have instrumental music play throughout the ceremony, or you can choose to go without.


After the couple has been formally announced, the recessional begins and ends after the whole bridal party and the guests’ exit.

Bottom Line

Music is not just a sound. It is an ideal means of expression, a distinct language in itself with the unique ability to express what even words cannot. Having the right wedding song ceremony order will bring your wedding ceremony to life. It’ll help set the atmosphere to your liking, too.

Wedding Food Station Ideas – Fun Food Options

One of the emerging trends for wedding is the use of creative food stations in place or as compliment to traditional catering options. Wedding is a one day experience. As a result, most people do their best to make this day special and memorable. A great way to incorporate your personality into the meals is to use a food station! Here we will brainstorm some wedding food station ideas.

Unlike traditional wedding meal format where guests are forced to queue for long period of time and eat meals that some guests are not comfortable with. Event Synergy says that besides music, the type of food is just as important to guests when they arrive. Wedding food stations are a good choice because they allow your guests to eat when they would like. They will also get to eat their favorite foods when they want.

Wedding Food Station Ideas

  • Popcorn station

Popcorn stations are one of the cheapest and easiest stations to set up. That is probably the reason why there are very common in weddings. It is a perfect snack that can be served any time, from post-wedding ceremony to pre-dinner or even late in the night.popcorn-wedding-food-station

  • Candy buffets and sweet bars

You have many options to choose from when it comes to candy and sweet bars buffets. For instance, you can choose artisan treats like the fudge, marshmallows, mini meringues or rock candy. All that you need to do is provide multiple handy bag for you guests to pick.

  • Grazing tables

This type of wedding station requires a little bit of help but the end result is satisfactory. Grazing table is highly recommended for couples who love charcuterie board and cheese. A grazing table actually comprises of breads, dips, fruits, salads, cheeses, cold meats and antipasti.

  • Dessert cake and treat tables

Cake tables will ensue that your guests crave for sweet products are met. However, to make the process easy and hassle free, it is recommended
that you hire professional to handle the baking.

  • Donut station

You will surely put a smile on your guests face when you set up a donut station. You can get creative by mixing various flavors and baking them in various shapes and sizes so that your guests can have wide variety of options to choose from.

  • Pie station and pie bar

Pie station and pie bar are perfect particularly for winter and autumns weddings. They are tasty and super cute. You can serve them in slices or pack them in pie pops or mini pies so that guests can eat on the go.

Above some ways you can incorporate your favorite foods into your wedding. The wedding food station ideas help create a fun environment where your guests can choose what they would like to eat.


Top Wedding Trends for 2018

wedding bar

Photo courtesy of Hello Penny Bar

The Event

Intimate gatherings and grand affairs are both having a moment. “If a couple isn’t asking me to plan something cozy, they’re wanting to go all-out for the people they love. There is no in-between for 2018,” says Kindra Browne, owner of Simple Elegance in Kansas City. The one constant? Make it memorable.

Keeping it Simple: Intimate weddings provide a chance to interact with your loved ones in ways that simply aren’t possible when the guest count tops 100. Plus, smaller gatherings give you more room to show off your personalities. Food is often the focal point of these celebrations, with couples working closely with caterers to put together a menu that’s personal and special. These celebrations lend themselves to tighter table arrangements (think one or two long tables) and warmly lit surroundings so guests feel as if they’re at a fabulous, elegant dinner party. “The look and vibe is down to earth, approachable, but special,” says Alison Laesser-Keck of Alison + Bryan Destination Events in Santa Barbara, California.

outdoor wedding reception

Photo Credit: Melanie Julian Photography

Going All Out: At the other end of the spectrum are couples who are fully embracing their role as hosts of the biggest party they’ll ever throw. “Welcome parties, big rehearsal dinners, after parties, next-day brunches… these couples know it’s rare to have all of their loved ones together at the same time, so they are looking for more opportunities to spend time with everyone and celebrate,” says Browne. Dividing grand spaces into cozier vignettes helps create the illusion of intimacy, so here’s where lounge furniture and strategically placed floral arrangements and lighting become important. Interactive food and drink stations and a mix of table shapes (some round, some long, some square) also help break guests into smaller groupings — until you want them all together and going wild on the dance floor! Crowd-pleasing DJs and late-night snacks are must-haves at grand weddings.

wedding cocktail hour lounge
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