Tips for Shooting Engagement Photos – Help Your Clients Feel Comfortable

An engagement session is probably the first time you will be working directly with your wedding clients. It will be also a great opportunity for you and your client to get to know each other well. So, it is quite normal to feel a bit uncomfortable and anxious during the engagement shoot. But with the help of these tips for shooting engagement photos, you can get some of the amazing shots.

Tips for Shooting Engagement Photos

Because a wedding only happens once, it’s important to ensure your clients are comfortable in front of a camera before the big day. Here are some great tips for you that will you to shoot some of the best engagement photos:

Tip #1: Turn Their Shoulders

Tips for Shooting Engagement Photos
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The shoulders can set the tone for the photo. There is no doubt that the widest part of human body is the shoulder. So, framing the photo with the shoulders slightly turned can be flattering. If the subject leans a little forward by turning the shoulder, it can reduce the width of the body to a great extent.

Tip #2: Not Everyone is Comfortable with PDA

PDA, or public display of affection, can make certain people very uncomfortable. Of course, engagement photography is supposed to be about showing love for each other. While you may expect a kiss or hug in some of the photos, not everyone is comfortable in that. So, help them to feel comfortable and connected in other ways.

Tip #3: Change in Perspective

You need to change your perspective when you are shooting for the engagement photos. There are some obvious poses that you can ask your clients, but you need to think beyond that. You can think about some of the unique compositions. Think about something completely out of the box so that the angles and the photos look unique.

Tip #4: Do not Criticize

Tips for Shooting Engagement Photos
Awesomesauce Photography

Not all poses may suit every couple. If a certain angle or position doesn’t look much flattering or they are not feeling much comfortable, there is no need for criticism. It is okay if you are giving them directions, but you must not force them in doing that. If your direction is not helping the couple, then it will show in the photos that the couple was uncomfortable.

Tip #5: Avoid Double Chins

Double chins don’t look great in pictures. So, you need to master the art of avoiding double chins in the photograph. Shooting the couple from an angle which is slightly above the eye line can be the best way to minimize the chins. Another great technique to avoid the double chin is by asking the clients to stretch their forehead to the forward and then down. This will pull the skin around your neck area. This will help to create a flattering portrait.


So, these are some of the best tips for shooting engagement photos that you can use. These tips will help you to get some of the best and most flattering engagement photos of the couple. You must make sure that the clients are feeling comfortable and happy. That is the utmost agenda and you will notice that the photos are automatically getting better.

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