How do I Keep My Wedding Guests Entertained?

You may ask, "how do I keep my wedding guests entertained?" People do crazy things when planning their wedding, and it's quite easy to forget to keep your guests entertained. Thus, finding something or someone to keep the guests entertained as you go round talking to the visitors and taking the wedding photos is essential as it livens the party.

Wedding activities are exhaustive even though you'll have all sorts of fun and emotions. While the wedding day is meant for you, remember that the guests are a special part of this momentous day. Don't let the event excitement make you forget to entertain your guest: entertainment needs to top the list of your key priorities.

You need to make prior plans, and if you do it early enough, you may identify some simple and fun ways to keep your wedding guests entertained. Remember, you'll not keep your guest's company throughout the day. The guests will have to spend time waiting before dinner, and you and your partner will be moving between the wedding venue; thus, your guests will get bored at some point.

How do you keep party guests entertained? This list of funny and unique ways of keeping your guests entertained during your wedding party is essential. Try a few wedding songs, hat tricks, and stock of games to kill the guests' boredom any time you're not with them. You want to cherish those great moments, and your guests also want to remember the day.

1. Hire Funny Audience Entertainers

fun wedding activities
Unique things to do at a wedding reception

Magicians are great at entertaining audiences. Many people think that after the guests have sat at their tables, they're okay without fun. Yes, foods and drinks may keep them busy throughout the night, and they're great wedding activities for guests, but it will be livelier with an entertainer.

Hire a magician, fortune teller, or palm reader. A celebrity impersonator, caricature drawer, or live painters are also great for the task, or you can also hire singing waiters based on how many songs you need. Such entertainers will also make the drinks reception livelier.

2. Photo Walls and Booths

The fame of the good ancient photo booth still exists, and it's not ending soon. The wedding day coordinator can step it up with fun notches matched with personalized props to narrate your life story with your partner. Old hats, clothing items, and narrative backdrops are great opportunities for this. You can also create a photo wall where visitors can take fun photos.

Consider a live flower wall with a balloon cover. A Polaroid camera for instant printouts where guests can craft a little text and put in your guest book is also an excellent option. What about setting a video area where guests can make mini-videos? Remember to create an Instagram hashtag for this day.

3. Make it Live with Drinks.

Wines and champagne receptions accompanied by open bars of beers and G&Ts are predictable and may bore your guests. Impress them with a professional mixologist to conjure up unique cocktails. A "Pimp Your Prosecco" or drinks trolley can also liven the event. Cotton candy, edible flowers, and fresh fruits will also work great. Remember to add a carnival element by giving out drink tokens.

4. DIY Foods

Guests like modern foods, and to some, they may come as entertainment. They also create a base for them to interact. Street food stations simplify the guests' navigating dietary needs. Could you also try tacos or hot stone where guests can cook their meat?

This is one of the unique things to do at a wedding reception. Snack tables piled high with sugary and savory treats such as cheese, doughnuts, and waffles can make the day memorable.

5. Contract Stage Performers

You may be faced with this critical question: "how do I keep my wedding guests entertained?" Note that not everyone likes constant interactive activities. Some would like to sit and eat, drink, and talk passively as they enjoy performances on the stage.

Stage performers such as comedians create a nice wedding mood. What about hiring an acoustic singer to sing a romantic song? Splashing the stage with acrobatic performances to give it a personal touch is one of the most excellent wedding entertainment ideas.

6. Host a Standard Pub Quiz

wedding entertainment ideas
Wedding entertainment ideas

It's high time to test if your family and friends know you. Host a pub quiz about your life, and let the guests compete. You can add a prize and give it to the winner. Such fun wedding activities create a team spirit among your guests.

7. Kids' Entertainment

The coordinator's duties are to keep both parents and children entertained throughout the wedding party. Hire a caregiver to look after children as parents relax. Organize a treasure hunt or hire someone to do face painting. This will keep the kids occupied. You could also create a glitter bar for them while you apply hair makeup. Such entertainment might also arouse interest in adults.

8. Create a Video or Slideshow

Collect videos or images from your album and have them roll in a slideshow throughout the day. They will keep the guests entertained as they'll always have something to look at, as they enjoy every glimpse of your life together. Remember to add footage of friends and family to make them feel part of your lives.

9. Group Dances

While these take time to prepare, they're worth being part of the entertainment. Get family and friends to choreograph a dance, or you can dance with a crew to accommodate some guests as well. You can try doing Ceilidh dances, although you don't need to be Scottish to enjoy them. There are a variety of dances that you can do at a wedding either with the whole group or just with your new spouse.

So What Will you Choose to do?

Are you challenged with the question, "how do I keep my wedding guests entertained?" Planning your wedding day is crucial for you and your partner, but you must also make your guests feel part of the event. Keeping them entertained is inevitable if you need them to remember your big day. Now you have a list of things to do on your wedding day to keep your wedding guests entertained.

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