How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Reception – Perfect Amount

You’ve gone through a hectic vetting process but finally got the right DJ for your big day. Then it suddenly dawns on you that you haven’t yet picked a wedding reception playlist. Assuming your reception party lasts 4 hours, at a rate of 15 songs per hour, your playlist could easily clock 60 songs. So, how many songs do you need for a wedding reception and where should you start?

How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Reception


Have a Detailed Discussion About Music with Your DJ

An experienced wedding DJ will be well versed in his/her trade. You can count on a savvy DJ to give you suggestions of music that will cheer up your guests. Show the DJ your playlist and ask for their honest feedback.

Select a Variety of Musical Styles

From your wedding ceremony to your reception, every small piece of your wedding has a different vibe. The chances are your reception will have guests How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Receptionwith wide-ranging ages, from teenagers to older adults. The rule of thumb is to select songs that will, at the very least, cater to several age brackets. You want all guests to feel like they’re part of your special day.

Recognizable Oldies Are Excellent For Starting Dance Sets

Few tracks can beat oldies genres such as Disco, Rock, Motown or 60s rock at gaining the trust of older guests. The end game is to entice them so they can go with the flow once you switch to modern dance selections later on.

Use Non-Dance Tracks For Dinner or Cocktail Hour Music

If you’re a fan of non-dance selections such as Indie-rock, use them to set the atmosphere during dinner or cocktail hour. You want to avoid such music during open dancing after dinner unless you’re aiming for an empty dance floor.

Mainstream Selections Are Great for Open Dancing

After dinner, your DJ will have to work the crowd and engage a diverse group of guests to fill up the dance floor. The safest bet would be to use songs that most guests would recognize. For example, young adults will be familiar with classic party jams while adult guests will have heard some of the most recent popular hits.

Consider Using Line Dancers as Icebreakers

Line dancing has taken a back seat over the years but can work wonders for the right crowd. The Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle, for example, can quickly fill up a dance floor with guests of all ages. The DJ can then gradually transition into the music you want to hear.

Ultimately, how many songs do you need for a wedding reception? The number of songs you need for your wedding reception depends on the length of the reception. However, it’s important to play your part in planning the music and work together with your DJ to make it a fun party.

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