How to Care For Sterling Silver Rings

Are you tired of your silver jewelry turning tarnish? Then you are in the right place. You need to know some of the essential facts about how to care for sterling silver rings from tarnishing. Also, you will get to know about some amazing ways to keep your sterling silver jewelry clean and polished. Taking care of your sterling silver rings is not a hard task as some of the supplies are readily available.

How to Care For Sterling Silver Rings

Why silver turns tarnish?

Silver can react to sulfur. Sulfur is an element which is present almost everywhere. It is one of the common ingredients in beauty products, foods, pollution, gasoline and fertilizers. There is a long list of products that contains sulfur in it. Even places like beaches, areas near lake or even in urban areas, you will find a higher quantity of sulfur in the air. This element can turn the silver tarnish.

But fortunately, you can polish or clean the silver to slow down process of tarnishing. Before you start the process of cleaning or polishing, be very careful with the jewelries that contain pearls, glass or stones. Some of the metal cleaners can damage them. So, it is always better to do some additional How to Care For Sterling Silver Ringsresearches before you go ahead and clean them with the metal cleaners.

Ways to Clean and Polish

  1. Polishing with pads or cloths: You can simply polish or clean the tarnished silver with the help of piece of cloth. You can see that some of the black residues are coming off onto the cloth. It will continue to work even when it appears to be dirty. This type of cleaning is perfect for the items that have smooth surfaces. It is always better to use this method on items that contain stones or pearls as they are quite delicate in nature.
  2. Dips & spray: The silver rings that have more details and textures can be cleaned with the help of a spray or a dip. You can either soak or spray the ring for 1 to 2 minutes and then rinse it or wipe it off with a soft cloth.
  3. Protecting it with packaging materials: It is important to protect the silver ring with the help of the right packaging materials. You can use anti-tarnish packaging materials to store the silver rings in it. But these packaging materials come with a shelf-life. So, you have to remember the date and switch them before the date expires.


So, if you are wondering about how to care for sterling silver rings or how to protect them, you have already got the answers. But make sure to check the instructions and ingredients before you buy a spray or a cleaner. Not every spray or cleaner available in the market is good quality one. You can use a polishing spray for polishing your sterling silver rings. If you are looking for a great cleaner, then you can choose a dip cleaner which can help you to clean the rings made up of sterling silver. These cleaners and polishers are quite good and can keep your rings safe and undamaged.

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