How to Size a Ring Down

So, you want to know how to size a ring down. With ring stretches, it is possible to finish this job quickly. However, you will not find many jewelry making tools to assist your process.  Therefore, you should know what exactly you need to reduce the size of a ring without causing any damage. There are two different ways for sizing a ring down. Many things will depend on the type of ring. Some reducing techniques might help to compress a uniform band to make it small. But when the design is complex, this process will not help you much. With different settings, patterns, and engravings, you will have to cut and solder your ring. So, decide the right step depending on the type of the ring.

How to Size a Ring Down

Ways to Size a Ring Down

When it is a plain band, you can use a ring reducer. It can help you in a great manner to reduce the size. The ring reducer is a large and heavy device. If you want to buy this device, you will have to find out a dedicated space to accompany it in your jewelry studio.  It will work both as a ring stretcher and ring reducer. One tool will serve both the purposes. It is really best if you are working with finger ring bands.

What is a Ring Stretcher?

As stated earlier, a ring stretcher is a device that can help you to stretch and reduce the size of your ring.  You need to take care of the size bands before using this device.  This technique can help to reduce the size of a ring to one full size.

Cutting & Soldering

If you want to size a ring down that has a complex design and setting such as embellishment, then you should not consider using the ring reducer. It will not be effective for complex designs. In that condition, you will have to choose a proven method that includes cutting and soldering.  You will need extra caution if the ring has stones.

Check the ring to know whether the stone is able to withstand the heat or not. If it is able to withstand the heat, then leave it as it is. If not, then you need to remove the stone before sizing it. You might be thinking that it is not possible How to Size a Ring Downto set the stone again after resizing the ring.  That will mostly depend on the setting.

Some ring settings like paved and gypsy setting cannot be sized down and up as these are designed in such a way that you cannot distort them in any manner. But when it has the flush setting, you will not be able to reset the stones after reshaping the ring.


Now you know how to size a ring down. While reducing the size of a ring, you will have to remove a metal piece from the ring and bring two ends together, solder it, and finally reshape it. A ring will not have the original shape after reshaping. You cannot reshape all types of rings.

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