Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ – Picking the Best One

Music is a very important part of your wedding day. Without good music, your wedding day may get dull and boring. You need to make sure that the DJ you are hiring is perfect for your wedding. To ensure this, you have to ask your DJ some important questions. If you are wondering what questions to ask your wedding DJ, then this is a guide will definitely help.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ 

Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Some questions to ask your wedding DJ before the big day include asking if they offer written contracts, what their experience is, how many weddings they generally do in a year and more.

#1: Do You Offer Written Contracts?

Not all DJs have the same standard of professionalism. One of the major signs whether a DJ is reliable and professional is through a legal written contract. So, there is no harm in asking whether or not they will offer one. This way they will be more professionally reliable and cannot make excuses to be absent on the very day.

#2: How Long Have You Been a Wedding DJ?

Experience is always important and you must make sure that your DJ is quite experienced when it comes to being a wedding DJ. Your wedding day is different from a party. The selection of music and songs must be unique. Only when a DJ has a good level of experience in handling the music arrangements of the wedding, they can do it.

#3: How Many Weddings You Generally Do in a Year?

Just like other professions, performing at a wedding also requires some set of skills. So, if a DJ only performs at a few weddings every year, they might not be the best choice to go with.

#4: Do You Perform at More Than One Place in a Day?

This is another important question that you must ask your DJ. If your DJ performs at more than one place at a time, then you need to avoid them. If they have already performed somewhere before coming to your wedding, they will be probably physically and mentally exhausted. This can have a major impact on their skills and performance.

#5: What is Different About You From the Rest?

If you are looking for the best DJ for your wedding, then you must ask this question. This will allow you to know how to differentiate this DJ from the rest and it will show their knowledge of what songs to play and the basics of a wedding DJ. But be very attentive to what they are saying. Professionals will boast about their performance and achievements only. If the DJ is bashing others and their competitors, then it is an act of unprofessionalism.


These are the questions to ask your wedding DJ. This will help you to assess whether or not they are perfect for your wedding. Also, be sure to discuss the song selection and how long they’ll be performing. Each and every DJ has a different style and you need to ask about their style of making announcements.

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