Indie Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Your wedding day is a unique day to celebrate the union between you and your loved one. And it goes without saying that most weddings have friends, family, colleagues and all other people who are important to the couple at their weddings. But one of the most important things to consider is the music. You need to know in advance what music you’ll walk down the aisle. While some people still prefer traditional songs such as Wagner’s “bridal chorus”, trends have changed. Here are a few adorable indie songs to walk down the aisle to:

Indie Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

It important to choose the right songs for your wedding. From asking the DJ the right questions, to selecting your genre, wedding music can make or break your wedding. 

Love-Lana Del Rey

This song is about being young and in love.  It’s pretty much what you’d expect from Lana Del Rey and it’s an effortless show of her gift for transmuting nostalgia into presence. In so many ways, this song evokes several emotions of desire and meditation.

You’ve Got the Love – Florence + The Machine

As exhilarating and as bracing as it can be, this song can work pretty well as a processional song. The song is a remix of the song titled You Got the Love by Candi Staton but Florence manages to do it so well.

I Wanna Be Yours – Arctic Monkeys

This song has been very useful in the world of romance. The song is slow and the lyrics are sad but it’s also full of desire. This was the first song the Arctic Monkeys recorded with a drum machine and it’s a perfect tune for walking down the aisle.

Sea of Love – Cat PowerIndie Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Cat Power makes music that many people want to listen to. It’s sweet to the ears and she knows so well how to convey emotion in her voice. The song is powerful yet vulnerable at the same time, something you want to listen to when walking down the aisle.

All About Your Heart – Mindy Gledhill

There’s something about this song that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. This song will have you hooked. It’s beautiful and inspiring. Simply put: it’s the perfect processional song. Knowing the story makes it even more powerful.

Lifetimes – Oh Wonder

Lifetimes is a euphoric song with soothing harmonies and pounding drums. It features delicate high tones with a distinctive chorus. The repetitive line ‘doing it right’ just sums up the whole song, which makes it an ideal song for probably the most special day in your life.

Bottom Line

Those are just some of the indie songs to walk down the aisle to.  Others to consider include The Girl by City & Color, Somebody Loved by The Weepies and Yours Forever by Generationals, among others. Today, the idea of a traditional bride and groom wedding is far gone. Gone are the days when you would attend a wedding and hear the same songs that have for decades been at the top of the list for wedding songs. Times are changing and it’s not surprising for people to express their personalities in their choice of songs.

Unusual Wedding Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

If you’re planning to make your wedding much more fun and memorable, your choice of music is one of the easiest ways to go about it. There are plenty of classic melodies that have stood the test of time, but there are equally unique songs that will keep everyone talking about your wedding for decades to come. Here are a few unusual wedding songs to walk down the aisle.

Unusual Wedding Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

XO – John Mayer

If you love Beyoncé, then this is a great unique Beyoncé cover by John Mayer that you should consider for your wedding. It’s an amazing song through and through, featuring John Mayer’s laid-back breathy vocals. This song is perfect for romantic moments and you should consider playing it when walking down the aisle or when the wedding is winding down and everyone is getting ready to head home.

Halo – Lotte Kestner

This song is a slowed down cover of Beyoncé’s song Halo. This cover by Lotte Kestner is both haunting and enchanting. Her voice is amazing and completely transforms this acoustic wedding song into something that is almost Unusual Wedding Songs to Walk Down the Aisleunrecognizable but beautiful nonetheless.

Give A Little Love – Noah And the Whale

This song is not only romantic but the vocals are amazing. Make your wedding unique by playing this song when walking down the aisle, at the reception during your first dance or later in the evening when most of the day’s events are over and people are relaxed.

She’s the One – Robbie Williams

When hiring a wedding DJ, it’s likely they’ll have a Robbie Williams song somewhere in the playlist. This song, however, is a timeless classic and you can’t get more romantic than this. If you and your partner love slow dance songs, then this is a perfect song to add to your wedding playlist.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has plenty of wedding songs but if you want something truly unique, this song fits the bill. Anyone who hears this song will instantly recognize its greatness and your guests will be smiling from ear to ear. It’s an amazing love song that is great for just about any couple’s walk down the aisle.

Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

In addition to being a beautiful song, this ballad has the perfect lyrics. It’s incredibly special and can be fitted into most wedding playlists.

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart

If you’re looking for something that’s certified gold and unique, then you’ll never go wrong with this song. It has great lyrics that many people with resonate with. Keep your guests entertained and make your wedding memorable by incorporating this song into your playlist.

There are plenty of other unusual wedding songs to walk down the aisle. Ultimately, it’s all about making your big day special. Don’t be afraid to try something that has never been tried before as every wedding is as unique as we all are. Compile your list early enough and make sure your DJ or band has the song.

Wedding Music Tips

Creating the perfect playlist for your wedding takes some planning. Want to keep your guests in the right mood for your big day? Here are a few wedding music tips to bear in mind when coming up with a list of songs for your wedding.

Wedding Music Tips

Decide on Your Budget

Start by deciding how much you’re ready to spend. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. So, consider whether you want to invest in a DJ or band made of seasoned pros or one comprising a couple of amateurs who are simply looking for some extra weekend cash.

Mix It Up

String quartets work well for weddings. However, there’s no harm in going for something less classical. Always inquire about your musical options. Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio or Pharrell Williams’ Happy played on the harp can add a unique twist to your playlist and spice things up.

Check Out an Entertainment Agency

While it’s crucial to spare time to vet potential musicians and bands, workingWedding Music Tips with an entertainment agency makes the whole process much easier. An agency will help you to find a band or DJ that fits your budget in no time. Your typical agency will also offer instant price and date checks, allowing you to compare hundreds of different arts from the comfort of your smartphone or computer.

Consider a Musical Balance

When choosing the style of music, you’d like for your wedding day, try to strike a balance. Your wedding coordinator will help you decide on music you like while also considering your guests as well. The trick here is to think about the ages and tastes of most people at your wedding.

Add to the Occasion

Emotive music can go a long way in putting some icing on the cake for special parts of the ceremony. For instance, you can have a harpist playing some nice music as you sign the register.

Keep the Reception Music Classy

It’s highly likely that you’ll miss most of the music while you’re away at the photo shoot, so the drinks reception is more for your guests. Since there’s likely to be a whole range of ages, you want to go for a wide variety that caters to each group. People like to hear something they recognize so if you’re choosing a DJ to go for one that can play a wide variety of styles and genres.

Consider Your Walk Down the Aisle

Once your guests are seated, and it’s time for the bride to make her entrance, be sure to carefully consider the perfect track for the procession. The walk down the aisle is important for the bride and everyone in the bridal party.

End on a High

Make sure you end on a note fitting the event. Most couples opt to end the day on a traditional note, playing songs such as Auld Lang Syne. But it doesn’t always have to end this way. Something more upbeat such as Rocking’ All Over The World can do a perfect job. With these day of wedding music tips, you should be able to create a memorable playlist that will have everyone talking about your wedding for years to come.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ – Picking the Best One

Music is a very important part of your wedding day. Without good music, your wedding day may get dull and boring. You need to make sure that the DJ you are hiring is perfect for your wedding. To ensure this, you have to ask your DJ some important questions. If you are wondering what questions to ask your wedding DJ, then this is a guide will definitely help.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ 

Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Some questions to ask your wedding DJ before the big day include asking if they offer written contracts, what their experience is, how many weddings they generally do in a year and more.

#1: Do You Offer Written Contracts?

Not all DJs have the same standard of professionalism. One of the major signs whether a DJ is reliable and professional is through a legal written contract. So, there is no harm in asking whether or not they will offer one. This way they will be more professionally reliable and cannot make excuses to be absent on the very day.

#2: How Long Have You Been a Wedding DJ?

Experience is always important and you must make sure that your DJ is quite experienced when it comes to being a wedding DJ. Your wedding day is different from a party. The selection of music and songs must be unique. Only when a DJ has a good level of experience in handling the music arrangements of the wedding, they can do it.

#3: How Many Weddings You Generally Do in a Year?

Just like other professions, performing at a wedding also requires some set of skills. So, if a DJ only performs at a few weddings every year, they might not be the best choice to go with.

#4: Do You Perform at More Than One Place in a Day?

This is another important question that you must ask your DJ. If your DJ performs at more than one place at a time, then you need to avoid them. If they have already performed somewhere before coming to your wedding, they will be probably physically and mentally exhausted. This can have a major impact on their skills and performance.

#5: What is Different About You From the Rest?

If you are looking for the best DJ for your wedding, then you must ask this question. This will allow you to know how to differentiate this DJ from the rest and it will show their knowledge of what songs to play and the basics of a wedding DJ. But be very attentive to what they are saying. Professionals will boast about their performance and achievements only. If the DJ is bashing others and their competitors, then it is an act of unprofessionalism.


These are the questions to ask your wedding DJ. This will help you to assess whether or not they are perfect for your wedding. Also, be sure to discuss the song selection and how long they’ll be performing. Each and every DJ has a different style and you need to ask about their style of making announcements.

How to Choose Wedding Music – Choosing Your Perfect Soundtrack

Choosing music for the happiest day of your life is no easy feat. There are several factors to consider before coming up with the perfect list of tunes. Many people overlook this part of the wedding planning process, but it’s rarely as simple as picking your favorite songs and handing them over to your wedding DJ or band. Here are a few tips on how to choose wedding music.

How to Choose Wedding Music

Decide on A Band Or DJ

You want to start the selection process by choosing who will be controlling your playlist. You may opt for a band, DJ or both. For instance, you may go with a live band for the ceremony and a DJ for the reception. Some people choose How to Choose Wedding Music to go with a DJ or band all through. Nonetheless, it all boils down to personal preference.

Gather Inspiration

Kick off your search by looking for some inspiration. Spare some time to check out videos on YouTube or listen to playlists on Spotify or Apple Music. The trick here is to be open-minded as you may find some hidden gems that you may never have imagined or remembered.

Know the Basics

It helps to familiarize yourself with the basics of wedding music before hitting up Spotify or YouTube for suggestions. You want to choose songs that will match the mood of activities at your wedding. For instance, you should consider something romantic to match the walk down the aisle. Obviously, the rules are not set in stone so you can always go with what your heart wants.

Start with the Major Songs

When you get down to crafting the playlist, start from the big songs. From the processional and first dance to the recessional and cake cutting, there plenty to think about. Figure out the most important songs first before filling out the rest of the playlist.

Think About Wedding Style

While you don’t have to follow any rules, there’s no harm in keeping things cohesive by matching the music to your wedding style. For instance, if you’re going for a country-style wedding, adding a few country songs to the playlist will go a long way toward adding a little more cohesion.

Read the Lyrics

Many people overlook this part, but it’s imperative that you read the lyrics before adding any song to your playlist. The last thing you want is to ruffle any feathers or play a song about jealousy or heartbreak at your wedding. The idea is to make sure the songs tell a story that you want your guests to hear.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the length of your relationship, there’s bound to be a song, music genre or artist that both of you connect with. Think back, and you’re likely to remember that tune you both enjoy or an artist that you really love. Any hints will guide you toward a song or two that will make the day truly special. Before coming up with the final playlist, be sure to sample it out. With these tips on how to choose wedding music, you should have an easy time picking the best tracks for your special day.


Hilarious Wedding Songs

Wedding songs can be boring and monotonous. If you’re looking for something much more fun and exciting, there are plenty of hilarious wedding songs you can choose for your wedding entrance, reception or final dance. Here are a few songs to make your guests happy and leave them in stitches.

Hilarious Wedding Songs

Wedding songs can be difficult to select. From walking down the aisle, to background music, to reception music; there are many songs to choose from. Below is a list of some fun songs you can play at your wedding.

Dear Future Husband-Meghan Trainor

Let’s face it, the lyrics to this song make for an exciting narrative. As a future wife, are you ready to bear it all before the groom and everyone else that you can hardly cook and are never wrong? The lyrics are priceless, and the song can be a great entrance song.

Lovebug-George Strait

If you’re a fan of country music, then this track should work some magic into your wedding. This stimulating song pairs merry rhythm with some fun lyrics Hilarious Wedding Songsabout love. The beat is fantastic, which makes it the ideal song for a country-style wedding.

Sexy and I Know It-LMFAO

This is a heavy beat, so you really need to put a show that goes with the energy of the song. It’s also surprisingly popular at weddings and if you have the confidence to do it, be sure to give your guests a show they’ll never forget.

What Is Love-Haddaway

This is a popular song that most if not all your guests will recognize. It’s a fun tune and strangely humorous considering the lyrics.

Happy-Pharrell Williams

The song’s title says it all. It will get your audience laughing, smiling and clapping, especially if you incorporate some nice choreography to complement the songs tempo and overall appeal. It’s the perfect song for a happy fun crowd and be sure to expect a noisy round of applause.

I Like Girls That Drink Beer-Keith

This one is for all the beer lovers out there. It’s a great way to incorporate something personal that you enjoy into your big day. The song is also a lot of fun and can make for a funny bride and groom entrance song.

Starships-Nicki Minaj

This Nicki Minaj tune can be an excellent reception song. Don’t shy away from singing along and showing off some of your coolest dance moves.

I Believe in a Thing Called Love-The Darkness

You should tell your spouse that you believe in love, and that’s why you married than in the first place. So why not tell them on your wedding day through this great song.

Ladies Love Country Boys-Trace Adkins

This is a popular and fun country song that narrates the story of a city girl who fell in love with a country boy. The lyrics are interesting, and the beat is uplifting. Who doesn’t love a good love story? Even better if your love story is similar enough so your guests can make some connection.

Weddings traditionally have a settled order, ritual and music. But there’s nothing wrong with having some fun and laughter. These hilarious wedding signs should get your guests more involved in the wedding. According to American writer Josh Billings “laughter is the fireworks of the soul.”

Songs to Not Play at a Wedding

So, you are preparing for your big day. Things are all set. The guest list is ready and you have done all the arrangements to create lifetime memories. Now, this is the time to choose music and songs for your wedding.  Your main focus will be on the best and popular songs for all times to get the appreciations of your guests as well as to set their mood for the celebration. You might be choosing some popular songs for your dance floor, reception, and cocktail. However, you need to give equal importance to songs to not play at a wedding.

Songs to Not Play at a Wedding

Songs to Not Play at a Wedding

All your chosen songs might not be perfect for your wedding ceremony. You will have to make a list of the songs that you need to avoid. In fact, some of the popular songs might not be appreciated by your guests when celebrating your wedding. They might find the meaning inappropriate. Therefore, it is important to avoid all those songs that can really create an unfavorable environment.  

Are you a bit confused? Do you want to know which songs you should avoid in your wedding ceremony?  If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will help you with a list of songs that you can add in your not to playlist. You can also use your judgment to find out which songs will be inappropriate for your big day. Here are a few suggestions:

  • AC/DC – Highway To Hell
    • 1979, Rock
  • Aerosmith – Dude Looks Like a Lady
    • 1987, Rock
  • Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man
    • 2002, Pop
  • Aerosmith – Dude Looks Like a Lady
    • 1987, Rock
  • Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
    • 2005, Dance
  • Cole Swindell – Reason to Drink
    • 2018, Country
  • George Strait – All My Ex’s Live In Texas
    • 1987, Country
  • Bon Jovi – You Give Love A Bad Name
    • 1986, Rock
  • George Strait – All My Ex’s Live In Texas
    • 1987, Country
  • Ernie K-Doe – Mother-In-Law
    • 1961, R&B
  • Cole Swindell – Break Up In The End
    • 2018, Country
  • Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction
    • 1965, Rock
  • Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
    • 1983, Rock
  • J. Geils Band-Love Stinks
    • 1980, Rock
  • Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
    • 1997, Pop
  • David Lee Roth – Just A Gigolo
    • 1985, Rock
  • Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
    • 1978, Disco
  • Kanye West – Gold Digger
    • 2005, Hip Hop
  • Drake – Fake Love
    • 2016, Hip Hop
  • Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
    • 1980, Punk
  • Jordan Davis – Singles You Up
    • 2018, Country
  • Old Dominion – Break Up With Him
    • 2015, Country

You can consider above songs to not play at a wedding. Most of them do not have an appropriate meaning to suit a wedding ceremony.

Background Music For Wedding Dinner – Adding to the Ambiance

Background music for wedding dinner entails setting the right ambiance for your reception. This means that the music should not be too hectic or loud to prevent your guests from mingling, chatting, and enjoying their meal, and neither should it be too slow to make the room lull or make your guest feel bored. It should be a real balancing act to accommodate the needs of everybody and the atmosphere in your reception. If you want your wedding dinner to stand out, choose some of your favorite songs or your visitors requested tunes that were not dance floor-worthy. We have compiled the best background music for wedding dinner but before that, here are some tips that will ensure you choose the best.

Background Music For Wedding Dinner

Tips to Consider When Selecting Music:

Event Synergy says your playlist should have a mix of genres, a combination of unknown and popular songs, a variety of tempos, and a vibe that will accommodate all your guests and create the ambiance your guests will desire. Sometimes the best option is to hire a live band if it fits well into the budget.


When it comes to choosing the right background music, following your emotions may do the best for you. Do you want to feel romantic, celebratory, Background Music For Wedding Dinner or relaxed? There are definitely cool songs based on how you want you and your guests to feel.


One thing you must remember is to stay away from dance music. The best background music for a wedding needs to be low tempo and not energetic. Save that music for the dance floor.  Also make sure you allocate enough music for the time it takes for dinner to be done.


The Best Background Music For Wedding Dinner:

Now that you know the tips to consider when choosing background music for your wedding dinner, here is a list that will not disappoint you or your guests:


  • Lucky – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
  • I’ll Be – Edwin McCain
  • A Thousand Years (Part 2) – Christina Perri
  • To Make You Feel My Love – Adele
  • I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  • H.O.L.Y. – Florida Georgia Line
  • Use Somebody (Feat. Hannah Trigwell) – Boyce Avenue
  • Cowboys and Angels – Dustin Lynch
  • All of Me – John Legend
  • A Sunday Kind of Love — Etta James
  • Always Be My Baby — Mariah Carey
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love — Elvis Presley
  • Crazy Love — Van Morrison
  • Cross that Line — Joshua Radin
  • First Day of My Life — Bright Eyes


Bottom line

Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life, therefore it is essential that everything is perfect. Therefore selecting the best background music for wedding dinner is an important component on your wedding day.

How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Reception – Perfect Amount

You’ve gone through a hectic vetting process but finally got the right DJ for your big day. Then it suddenly dawns on you that you haven’t yet picked a wedding reception playlist. Assuming your reception party lasts 4 hours, at a rate of 15 songs per hour, your playlist could easily clock 60 songs. So, how many songs do you need for a wedding reception and where should you start?

How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Reception


Have a Detailed Discussion About Music with Your DJ

An experienced wedding DJ will be well versed in his/her trade. You can count on a savvy DJ to give you suggestions of music that will cheer up your guests. Show the DJ your playlist and ask for their honest feedback.

Select a Variety of Musical Styles

From your wedding ceremony to your reception, every small piece of your wedding has a different vibe. The chances are your reception will have guests How Many Songs Do You Need For a Wedding Receptionwith wide-ranging ages, from teenagers to older adults. The rule of thumb is to select songs that will, at the very least, cater to several age brackets. You want all guests to feel like they’re part of your special day.

Recognizable Oldies Are Excellent For Starting Dance Sets

Few tracks can beat oldies genres such as Disco, Rock, Motown or 60s rock at gaining the trust of older guests. The end game is to entice them so they can go with the flow once you switch to modern dance selections later on.

Use Non-Dance Tracks For Dinner or Cocktail Hour Music

If you’re a fan of non-dance selections such as Indie-rock, use them to set the atmosphere during dinner or cocktail hour. You want to avoid such music during open dancing after dinner unless you’re aiming for an empty dance floor.

Mainstream Selections Are Great for Open Dancing

After dinner, your DJ will have to work the crowd and engage a diverse group of guests to fill up the dance floor. The safest bet would be to use songs that most guests would recognize. For example, young adults will be familiar with classic party jams while adult guests will have heard some of the most recent popular hits.

Consider Using Line Dancers as Icebreakers

Line dancing has taken a back seat over the years but can work wonders for the right crowd. The Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle, for example, can quickly fill up a dance floor with guests of all ages. The DJ can then gradually transition into the music you want to hear.

Ultimately, how many songs do you need for a wedding reception? The number of songs you need for your wedding reception depends on the length of the reception. However, it’s important to play your part in planning the music and work together with your DJ to make it a fun party.

Songs Needed for Wedding – The Perfect Playlist

It would be an understatement to say that weddings are tedious. Unless you’re a big music fan, creating your own wedding music playlist is going to be the very last thing on your mind. While there are a few obvious moments when you know that you absolutely need music such as the first dance, bridal entry, etc.; there are also other moments that aren’t so obvious. This article will go over the songs needed for wedding so that you won’t have to risk not having certain songs for your special day.

Songs Needed for Wedding

While Getting Dressed

As much as people talk about them, the wedding jitters are real. To calm yourself down before the big moment, have your friends play your favorite songs; preferably those with fun memories attached so you can reminisce about the good times. Even if you’ll be by yourself, have a happy playlist you love on standby.

For The Ceremony Proper

Guests are usually seated, sometimes 30 minutes, before the bride shows up. While the guests are getting seated, you can have music playing to control the mood of the crowd. It sets a nice mood for your guests to mingle with each other and allows family from both sides to get better acquainted.

Songs Needed for Wedding

Check with your DJ or band for their prelude playlist. Listen to the songs and cross off any music you don’t particularly like. The different categories you’ll need different music for include:

  • The groom’s and parent’s entrance
  • Bridal procession
  • First kiss plus the recession

At The Reception

Aside from specific activities during the reception where you’d need special music, you can give your DJ free rein. Activities you’ll want to pre-select your music for include:


  • The bride and group’s grand entrance
  • First Dance
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Mother-son dance
  • Cutting the cake
  • Tossing the bouquet

Although this isn’t necessary, Event Synergy suggests that you can also prepare a list of songs that you do not want the DJ to play in case they are able to have free reign. Perhaps certain songs bring up bad memories, or whatever it is; it’s still your day, so you get to pick what shouldn’t be played.

Time to Pick Some Songs


Now that you have an idea about the category of songs needed for wedding, take your time to find something that will be meaningful to both you and your partner. Your wedding is meant to be the most memorable day in both of your lives, so be sure to not rush any single step.