Wedding Ceremony Song Order – Keep Your Guests Entertained

It is every bride’s dream to have a perfect wedding, and part of making the experience ideal is having the ideal music to accompany her down the aisle just before she transits into her new life. Whether the ceremony is formal, informal, or religious, the wedding ceremony song order will create a poignancy and atmosphere to both the service and the vows. In an ideally planned ceremony, the music seamlessly flows through from start to end in perfect harmony, maintaining well preserved religious and family traditions, while also giving the event a deeper meaning to the ceremony.

The secret to bringing out this magic is in understanding the timing. Every phase of the ceremony is unique and has a distinct musical accompaniment. The music will help divide the entire ceremony into individual segments similar to the chapters in a book. Usually, the ceremony will be five independent categories. These unique five segments are as follows:

Wedding Ceremony Song Order

Prelude Music (30 minutes)

Prelude music starts when all the guests gather. If you have any specific requests for songs to play, be sure to tell the DJ beforehand so you know the songs will be ready.

Seating of the Families (optional)Wedding Ceremony Song Order

Usually, the couple chooses whether to include grandparents, both parents and sometimes they may also wish to include uncles and or aunts also.

Processional: Groom, officiant & Groomsmen (optional)

Traditionally, officiants and the groomsmen enter from the side minutes before the ceremony begins. Sometimes the bride may enter first, mainly if it is outdoor ceremonies where typical subtle entrances are not possible or somewhat difficult.

Processional: Bridesmaids, Groomsmen(optional)

If preferred, the groomsmen can escort the bridesmaids down the aisle. This happens typically just before the flower girl, ring bearer, and bride enter.

Processional: Ring Bearer & Flower girl (optional)

The ring bearers and the flower girls usually either walk as a pair or can walk separately. You can generally choose to go with a new song at this point or pick a song from the selection for the whole entrance of the wedding party.

Bridal Processional

When it comes to the bride’s entrance, she can usually be escorted either by her parents, father, a close relative, a close friend, or even children. Sometimes, the bride can also decide to walk down the aisle unaccompanied.

Special Music (optional)

You can choose to have instrumental music play throughout the ceremony, or you can choose to go without.


After the couple has been formally announced, the recessional begins and ends after the whole bridal party and the guests’ exit.

Bottom Line

Music is not just a sound. It is an ideal means of expression, a distinct language in itself with the unique ability to express what even words cannot. Having the right wedding song ceremony order will bring your wedding ceremony to life. It’ll help set the atmosphere to your liking, too.

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