Wedding Food Station Ideas – Fun Food Options

One of the emerging trends for wedding is the use of creative food stations in place or as compliment to traditional catering options. Wedding is a one day experience. As a result, most people do their best to make this day special and memorable. A great way to incorporate your personality into the meals is to use a food station! Here we will brainstorm some wedding food station ideas.

Unlike traditional wedding meal format where guests are forced to queue for long period of time and eat meals that some guests are not comfortable with. Event Synergy says that besides music, the type of food is just as important to guests when they arrive. Wedding food stations are a good choice because they allow your guests to eat when they would like. They will also get to eat their favorite foods when they want.

Wedding Food Station Ideas

  • Popcorn station

Popcorn stations are one of the cheapest and easiest stations to set up. That is probably the reason why there are very common in weddings. It is a perfect snack that can be served any time, from post-wedding ceremony to pre-dinner or even late in the night.popcorn-wedding-food-station

  • Candy buffets and sweet bars

You have many options to choose from when it comes to candy and sweet bars buffets. For instance, you can choose artisan treats like the fudge, marshmallows, mini meringues or rock candy. All that you need to do is provide multiple handy bag for you guests to pick.

  • Grazing tables

This type of wedding station requires a little bit of help but the end result is satisfactory. Grazing table is highly recommended for couples who love charcuterie board and cheese. A grazing table actually comprises of breads, dips, fruits, salads, cheeses, cold meats and antipasti.

  • Dessert cake and treat tables

Cake tables will ensue that your guests crave for sweet products are met. However, to make the process easy and hassle free, it is recommended
that you hire professional to handle the baking.

  • Donut station

You will surely put a smile on your guests face when you set up a donut station. You can get creative by mixing various flavors and baking them in various shapes and sizes so that your guests can have wide variety of options to choose from.

  • Pie station and pie bar

Pie station and pie bar are perfect particularly for winter and autumns weddings. They are tasty and super cute. You can serve them in slices or pack them in pie pops or mini pies so that guests can eat on the go.

Above some ways you can incorporate your favorite foods into your wedding. The wedding food station ideasĀ help create a fun environment where your guests can choose what they would like to eat.


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