Wedding Music Tips

Creating the perfect playlist for your wedding takes some planning. Want to keep your guests in the right mood for your big day? Here are a few wedding music tips to bear in mind when coming up with a list of songs for your wedding.

Wedding Music Tips

Decide on Your Budget

Start by deciding how much you’re ready to spend. Ultimately, you get what you pay for. So, consider whether you want to invest in a DJ or band made of seasoned pros or one comprising a couple of amateurs who are simply looking for some extra weekend cash.

Mix It Up

String quartets work well for weddings. However, there’s no harm in going for something less classical. Always inquire about your musical options. Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio or Pharrell Williams’ Happy played on the harp can add a unique twist to your playlist and spice things up.

Check Out an Entertainment Agency

While it’s crucial to spare time to vet potential musicians and bands, workingWedding Music Tips with an entertainment agency makes the whole process much easier. An agency will help you to find a band or DJ that fits your budget in no time. Your typical agency will also offer instant price and date checks, allowing you to compare hundreds of different arts from the comfort of your smartphone or computer.

Consider a Musical Balance

When choosing the style of music, you’d like for your wedding day, try to strike a balance. Your wedding coordinator will help you decide on music you like while also considering your guests as well. The trick here is to think about the ages and tastes of most people at your wedding.

Add to the Occasion

Emotive music can go a long way in putting some icing on the cake for special parts of the ceremony. For instance, you can have a harpist playing some nice music as you sign the register.

Keep the Reception Music Classy

It’s highly likely that you’ll miss most of the music while you’re away at the photo shoot, so the drinks reception is more for your guests. Since there’s likely to be a whole range of ages, you want to go for a wide variety that caters to each group. People like to hear something they recognize so if you’re choosing a DJ to go for one that can play a wide variety of styles and genres.

Consider Your Walk Down the Aisle

Once your guests are seated, and it’s time for the bride to make her entrance, be sure to carefully consider the perfect track for the procession. The walk down the aisle is important for the bride and everyone in the bridal party.

End on a High

Make sure you end on a note fitting the event. Most couples opt to end the day on a traditional note, playing songs such as Auld Lang Syne. But it doesn’t always have to end this way. Something more upbeat such as Rocking’ All Over The World can do a perfect job. With these day of wedding music tips, you should be able to create a memorable playlist that will have everyone talking about your wedding for years to come.

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