What is an Intimate Wedding?

Every couple has a dream wedding in mind. Beach wedding? Church wedding? Or if the budget is tight, maybe an intimate one. If you are planning your wedding and want to maximize your experience, a small intimate wedding is perfect for you. But what is an intimate wedding, and what is considered a small wedding?

What is an Intimate Wedding?

They might not be as grand as traditional weddings, but intimate weddings can be full of both elegance and personalization. As the word “intimate” implies, an intimate wedding is one with a number of guests not more than 75. Intimate weddings involve multiple events, including the ceremony, reception, and after-party, unlike elopement weddings which generally include just the ceremony.

Intimate Weddings

Why Are Intimate Weddings Better?

Although regular weddings have lots of advantages, an intimate wedding has its own share of appeal. To some couples, a small intimate wedding is a better option. Here are some reasons why.

You want to keep a low guest count.

What is considered a small wedding? How many guests should be invited? These are some of the questions that beg for an answer when planning your wedding.

One challenge couples face when planning their wedding is trimming down the guest list. This makes private weddings not for everyone, as some couples find it hard to say no to their parents, family, or friends.

If you really want to go for an intimate wedding, make sure you and your partner trim down the list to those you personally know so it doesn’t exceed 75 guests. Another important thing to note is the likelihood that the guests will attend. Avoid over-inviting that can spoil the good an intimate wedding offers.

You have a strict budget.

Many couples opt to have private weddings because of budget constraints. Let’s uncover it – the largest portion of your budget goes to paying for the food and beverage. Realizing that each guest could mean hundreds of dollars will surely give sense to your decision of limiting the headcount. Plus, hiring a full-service coordinator is generally not necessary.

You don’t want to be stressed.

Choosing a wedding venue and hiring the perfect day-of-wedding coordinator is stressful. But because only your closest loved ones and friends are gathered for your special day, planning a small wedding won’t stress you the way traditional and grand ones do. You have more time planning the details and browsing intimate wedding reception ideas.

An intimate wedding entails little effort and time but yields great results.

Maximize Your Wedding Experience

Private Weddings

The wedding experience doesn’t end when the ceremony and reception are completed. At a small wedding, the couple is able to spend more intimate time with each of the guests. An after-party or a post-wedding gathering allows more enjoyment and moments for the group.

Intimate wedding reception ideas can be as simple as small dinner parties and weekends of fun celebration. Sometimes budgeting for an intimate wedding isn’t even necessary. Because planning an intimate wedding doesn’t take as much effort, time, and money as conventional ones, it gives you an opportunity to make the most out of planning and personalizing your big day. Personal touches include deciding on how many songs to play during the ceremony or wedding song ideas.

"Bigger is better.” “The more, the merrier.” Don’t fall for these traps. While these are true to some extent, when it comes to weddings, what matters the most is not the size of the venue or the number of guests, it is the celebration of love between two people, together with their loved ones. Now that you know what is an intimate wedding, it’s never early to start planning your own!

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